Fruit and Vegetable Art Stamps

As a mixed media artist, I have used pre-made stamps to add additional elements in art journals. I did not, however, think of stamps as a potential focal point in an image until I saw a couple of tutorials about using fresh fruits and vegetables as organic stamps. I decided to explore creating my own fruit and vegetable stamps because I think it’s a great way for beginners to “cheat”, and by that I mean get a tiny bit of extra help while sharpening their observation skills. The are some collages I created of my first experiments with fruit and vegetable stamps using tangerines, limes, onions, and mushrooms.  Try them yourself and treat this a FUN exercise – no art critics allowed! I think the collages are self-explanatory, but you are welcome to contact me with questions or post them in the comments section. Feel free to print and/or use these images for classroom or personal use.





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