Joely C. Rogers is an artist, illustrator, and former pastry chef based in Asheville, North Carolina who is interested in the interconnection between nature, food, and culture.

She also has extensive knowledge of picture framing and image display. Along with her husband Mark Rogers, she co-owns Frame Destination, an online picture frame company for DIY framers.

For commissions and/or consultations, please send an email to joelycrogers@gmail.com. 

Artist Statement

I create art and illustrations focused on nature, plants, animals, food, and ingredients using colored pencils, graphite, pen and ink, and watercolor. Depending on the subject, I manipulate these traditionally-rendered images into digital compositions with supportive text to be used as infographics or posters.

My favorite subjects are still life compositions of plants, animals, and food, people harvesting, processing, preparing, and serving food, and global cultural landscapes such as farms, farmers markets, and gardens. I am also interested in depicting historical and modern agricultural practices and manufacturing, as well as the individuals involved in these activities.

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Storytelling/Personal Exploration/Displaying & Selling Art   

I have a deep curiosity about the cultural uses of plants, and a passion for researching and sharing the historical and mythological stories behind their usage via my blog with accompanying artwork. I am also developing a journal/sketchbook for artists and writers who want to find a framework for focused on their experiences with food. In addition, I am passionate about the intrapersonal aspects of creating art, and interpersonal aspects of how to share it including educating artists about the marketing, display, and selling of of art.

Recent Publications

2019: Ten Tips to Help You Sell More Artwork from Frame Destination’s Blog – 10 Tips For Selling More Art 

2019: Honorable Mention for my “Blue Crab” artwork featured in J. Mane Gallery’s EAT! International Online Juried Art Exhibition 

2018: Colored Pencil artwork featured in the December 2018 Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Journal article “Leaves: what they are, how they work, ways to draw” by Gretchen Halpert, MA

Formal Education

Certificate in Scientific Illustration – SIDP with Gretchen Halpert https://www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com/

MA in TESOL (English Language Education and Linguistics) – University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Graduate Certificate in Storytelling – (Performance, Creative Writing, Folklore & Mythology Studies), University of North Texas, Denton, TX

BA in Psychology – Columbia College, Columbia, MO

AS in Travel and Tourism – Phillips Junior College, Gulfport, MS

Baking and Pastry Studies – Food & Hospitality Institute at El Centro College, Dallas, TX

Informal Education and Opportunities

Art studies in various media with Gretchen Halpert, Bridget Woosley, Pauline Agnew, Flora Bowley, Cynthia Knox, Mindy Lighthipe, and Tamara LaPorte

Apprenticeship, employment, and ownership as a pastry cook/chef/baker at various places including the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Aphrodite Divine Confections, The Mercury Grill, Ferre Restaurant and Bar, The Blue Magnolia Cooking School

Oenology and Viticulture studies in the U.S., Canada, France, and Portugal

Featured Pastry Chef at the Great River Road Food and Wine Festival, Natchez, MS

Herbalism studies at the https://theherbalacademy.com

Mead (Honey Wine) Making Apprenticeship


Honorable Mention for “Blue Crab” mixed media artwork featured in J. Mane Gallery’s EAT! International Online Juried Art Exhibition 

International Grand Prize Winner “Sandeman Perfect Partners Recipe Contest”  sponsored by Chocolatier magazine and Sandeman Port. Recipe: Bittersweet-Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts with a Spiced Tea Creme Anglaise

2nd place Winner – Restaurant Design Project Competition -Sponsored by El Centro College. Type of restaurant designed: “The Sugar Shack” – a dessert, wine and cocktail bar

Winner “Mother’s Day Dessert Contest” sponsored by the Fairmont Hotel of Dallas. Recipe: Chocolate Ancho Chile Oil Tart with Republic Tea Chai Ice Cream


Guild of Natural Science Illustrators 

Southern Foodways Alliance 

The Association for the Study of Women in Mythology 


Joely C Rogers Expressive Landscape Painter

Joely C. Rogers, MA