Joely C. Rogers is a North Carolina-based artist/illustrator whose artwork focuses on food, foodways, and the culture of food.  She is also a former pastry chef and cooking teacher with a lifelong passion for food and ingredients. Check out her food-related travel and investigations on her blog – Cafe Joely.

In addition, she has extensive knowledge of picture framing and image display. Along with her husband Mark Rogers, she co-owns Frame Destination, an online picture frame company for DIY framers. Joely writes about the marketing, display, and selling of art on Frame Destination’s blog.

Artist Statement

I use a combination of traditional and digital media to create art and illustrations focused on food, ingredients, and all aspects of food culture, and foodways.

I see my finished artwork as visual stories, and it is my hope that they encourage viewers to learn more about the food they consume and those who provide it to them.

For inspiration, I read constantly and eat voraciously. I am also inspired by my travels, local farmers markets and food shops, and memories of my rural upbringing where we planted gardens, watched the weather and stars, and shelled peas on the porch in community. 

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